Set or Extend PGP Expiration Date

If expiration date of a pgp key got reached this key cannot be used for encryption. In general it’s a good choice to set an expiration date as mentioned on

People think that they don’t want their keys to expire, but you actually do. Why? Because you can always extend your expiration date, even after it has expired! This “expiration” is actually more of a safety valve or “dead-man switch” that will automatically trigger at some point. If you have access to the secret key material, you can untrigger it. The point is to setup something to disable your key in case you lose access to it (and have no revocation certificate).

It’s not hard to extend the expiration date. So here you go:

gpg2 --list-keys
gpg2 --edit-key <KEY-ID>

Now you’re in the gpg console. (By default, you’re working on the primary key.) If you need to update a sub-key:

gpg> expire
(follow prompts)
gpg> save

Now that you’ve updated your key, you can send it out:

gpg2 --keyserver --send-keys <KEY-ID>

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